IMG_2938It was a dollar store bowl. It served its purpose of holding tortilla chips for a cinco de mayo party in 2013. I’m pretty sure it cracked the day I got it. But it was pretty, and I thought I might use it again. It sat in my cupboard, taking up space and getting pushed around by the other bowls and miscellaneous tupperware. Chipped and cracked again and again.

It was time to say goodbye. Recycled.


Ice Ice Baby


I have four in my freezer. These ones were in my cupboard. Seriously, why does anyone need six ice cube trays?

Ok, ok, yes, for a party. I guess I’ll just need to be a little proactive and make ice ahead of time. I can do this.

P.S. You know it’s in your head… stop, collaborate and listen…

There’s a Hole in My Hoody


I began 2014 with good intentions and had a decent run of just over 2 months, deleting items from my life each day and sharing it with you. But I quit. Life got in the way. And now, I’m in the same position I was a year ago.

Instead of abandoning the idea altogether, I decided to give it another shot. So here we are.

2015. A new year. A new beginning.

I threw on one of my favourite tops to head out of the house for some dinner. It’s a hooded top that is years old and super comfy. But it’s stretched out, faded and holy. Really not a pretty sight. I wore it one last time today, and it’s now going to be donated. Oh, and look! I found a kickass website that maps donation boxes for all Canadian cities:



You know that no-money, stuck feeling? Opportunities come up and you can’t even entertain them because you have no money? I’m there. I’m beyond there.

My relationship recently ended, and it broke my heart. We tried long distance, and it didn’t work. I can’t help but wonder if things would have been different had I been able to be a little more flexible in my travel. What if I could afford more frequent visits? What if I could afford to put everything in storage and pick up and move. I would have done it. For this kind of love. In a heartbeat.

Regardless, it was never an option. And it’s definitely not an option now. Not even close. I have lived beyond my means for a long time now; not really understanding my means.

Today’s item(s) are HUGE. This is starting something significant people. Just wait for it.

Guess What?

Chicken butt! I’m back!

IMG_0899I have no excuses for my disappearance, but I’m back. Today’s item(s) are not particularly clutter-worthy, but they are getting rid of something. Or trading something rather… They count. I’m easing back in.

Two of my dog park friends are a part of a food co-op. Essentially, they signed up at the beginning of the growing season and receive a big box of vegetables every week. They can never get through it all. So, we agreed on a trade. They bring me vegetables, and I leave them fresh eggs from my chickens.

Did I tell you I have chickens?

VIP Access

What I really need is more lanyards…

Said no one ever.

Do I have an excess of conference or festival lanyards hanging in my laundry room?

Do I feel special when I get a new lanyard with my conference ID or festival VIP pass?

Have I ever used a lanyard more than once?

Do I ever think to myself “a lanyard would make this task/day so much easier” or “I love that girl’s lanyard”?

Decision made. Trashing my collected lanyards. Done.